Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daisy (2006) (Korean) (Mini Review)

                        Director : Wai-keung Lau
                        Genre    : Romance, Drama
                        Cast      :  Gianna JunWoo-sung Jung and Sung-jae Lee
                    Two guys falls in love with the same girl and that's common in movies.But what if one of them is a cop and the other one is a criminal..?..That's the story of 'Daisy'-a 2006 released Korean movie.I won't say it's a must watch for common people but it's a must watch for movie lovers.Leading lady of this movie is none other than 'My sassy girl' star Gianna Jun.This movie has shot entirely in Netherlands. 
                    All the three main characters did an impressive job in this movie.Movie's second half is filled with lot of silence, and emotions are showed through subtle expressions,full marks to director for that.This is one of the best Korean movie we've seen and our verdict is it's watchable and you can wonder about how these Korean movie makers thinks like this..!!!

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