Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin 3D (2011) (English) (Mini Review)

Director : Steven Spielberg
Genre : 3D animation(Motion capture), Adventure
Cast   : Jamie Bell(TinTin)Andy Serkis(Captain Haddock)
                           Photo-realistic vehicles,buildings,minute details in character acting... 'The adventures of Tintin' is one of the best motion capture movie ever made in the world.If you are a Tin Tin fan,you'l love this movie.A perfect family film for your Christmas holidays.It's incredibly entertaining and a thrilling adventure.Watching your favorite character-the world's most famous Belgium Journalist-jumping from buildings and chasing bad guys in 3D is an awesome experience.We should appreciate the makers for making it without loosing it's comic style.It's Steven Speilberg's first fully CG movie.And the good news is there might be a sequel.

So don't miss it folks...!!!
Tintin wiki link
Or buy the Complete animated series of TinTin's adventures.    

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