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   This blog will Help you to decide what to watch without wasting your time.Follow our updates regularly,and you will have an awesome collection of must watch movies. We are reviewing some of the best and some of the worst movies ever made in the world cinema in various languages.It is not a traditional movie review where you will find a lot of spoilers and details about the story.It's a mini review where you can still enjoy the movie even after  reading our reviews.
   One of the main reason to start this site was to introduce you to awesome movies which are made in other languages which might be unknown to you.Enjoy reading,and leave your feedback as a comment in any of our posts.Thank you.

Disclaimer : This blog/author does not own any images used in the blog posts. All the rights of respective movie posters belongs to the respective production companies. Images/Posters included in the blog posts for the recognition of movie.

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