Saturday, December 10, 2011

Black Cat, White Cat (1998)(Serbian,Bulgarian, Romany) (Mini Review)

            Director : Emir Kusturica
            Genre    : Romance,Comedy
            Cast       :  Bajram SeverdzanSrdjan Todorovic and Branka Katic   

                                    'Crna macka, beli macor' (Black cat,White cat)  is a Yugoslavian movie directed by Emir Kusturica. Characters in the movie speaks in 3 different languages- RomaniSerbian, and Bulgarian - it's all mixed up.It's one of the must watch movie.Story starts very slowly and later picks up it's pace and turns into a full fledged entertainer.Simple,funny and awesome acting by the cast.This movie won award for best direction in Venice film festival.
                      Now let's come to the story part.Son of an old gangster fails in a robbery and end up in a huge debt.Now he is forced to marry his teenager son to repay that dept.But when the wedding day approaches everything changes when some crazy events happens.(sorry we don't wanna give you spoilers and kill the fun of watching this film).
                    Betrayals,death,friendship and of course true love makes this awesome movie a must watch.Music plays a very important role in this movie.

*Warning- There are bad words in most of the dialogues, so it may not be   
               suitable for minor viewers.


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