Sunday, January 1, 2012

Black Hawk Down (2001) (English) (Mini Review)

                   Director :  Ridley Scott
                  Genre     :  Thriller,drama
                  Cast       :   Josh hartnett, Ewan McGregor,Eric Bana and Tom Sizemore

                     When you think about war movies the usual things which comes to your mind is brotherhood/friendship between soldiers,patriotism and all that stuff but,this movie here being one of the greatest military movie is different from all typical war movies ever made.We'll call this a war thriller rather than a war movie.
               Movie depicts the 'battle of Mogadishu',and it's based on a book named 'Black Hawk Down '.Movie starts where american army plans for a raid to capture a Somalian war lord,but their plan goes for a toss when something unexpected happens.
       The movie was shot in other places like Morocco because Somalia was not safe for a film crew and the production imported 100 Rangers, a dozen Humvees and 8 Black Hawk helicopters into Morocco for filming. This was considerably more firepower than anything else in the country and the Moroccan king was understandably uneasy about allowing such a large foreign military presence into his country. Ridley Scott joked that they could have taken over the country if they'd wanted to.
             This is one of a kind and a must watch movie.

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