Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mindhunters (2004) (English) (Mini Review)

               Director : Renny Harlin
               Genre : Thriller
               Cast   : Val KilmerLL Cool J and Christian Slater

         Mindhunters is not a usual suspense thriller which comes out of Hollywood all the time. Speciality of the story of the movie is how much ever you guess the climax you will be wrong.Director Renny Harlin didn't cast any actors as a lead character so that he can keep the suspense till the end.It's about a group of FBI agent trainees who participates in a training program which is located in a remote island.But things get serious when they realize they are being hunted.
                      If you love suspense thrillers,this one is for you.Commercially it didn't achieved a lot.Surprisingly, it got some negative reviews too..!!!..But what our suggestion is this is a decent thriller and a must watch for the lovers of this genre.

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