Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jerry Maguire (1996) (English)

                                   Director : Cameron Crowe
                                   Genre    : Drama, Romance
                                   Cast      : Tom Cruise, Renée Zellweger,and Cuba Gooding Jr.

        I always wanted to write about this movie because this is one movie which i can watch again and again and again...and again..This Tom Cruise Starrer 1996 movie titled 'Jerry Maguire' is a really good inspirational movie.It is famous as Tom's best romantic movie.This was the same year Tom's MI first part came out.
      Tom plays the character Jerry Maguire a sports agent who lost his job and starts his own agency.Renée Zellweger plays the role of his loyal staff who believes in him and thinks he will be in the big league someday.
     Movie is superb and is famous as Tom Cruise's best romantic movie.There is a dialogue("You had me at Hello") in this movie by Renée which went on to become one of the most famous famous dialogue of modern English cinema.If you are sad or emotionally down, watch this movie.Trust me you will be relieved.It's a must watch movie for movie goers..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Windstruck (2004) (Korean)

                         Director: Jae-young Kwak
                         Genre   : Romance, Drama, Crime
                         Cast     :  Gianna Jun, Hyuk Jang and Su-ro Kim

                If you've seen the Korean movie 'My sassy girl' you don't need a review to watch 'Windstruck'.Our own Gianna Jun,the girl who became superstar through My sassy girl is the leading girl of this movie too.And Windstruck's director is the same guy who directed sassy girl.
                Gianna jun plays the role of a cop who falls in love with a teacher(played by Hyuk Jang).But a dramatic event turns her life upside down.Will she ever recover from that?..Watch the movie.
              This movie was a huge success because of Gianna Jun's acting and the small connection this movie has with director's previous movie 'My sassy girl'.Now some facts,'My sassy girl' fans from all over the world would love to mention this movie as a prequel to sassy girl.But don't watch this first if you didn't watched 'My sassy girl' yet.Otherwise you will miss the fun of the climax.Even though director told many times there is no connection between both movies,the climax of this movie will remind you a lot about 'My sassy girl'.So it's a must watch if you have watched 'My sassy girl'.If you didn't watched that yet,go watch it first then watch this.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Artist (2011) (........)

                          Director : Michel Hazanavicius
                          Genre    : Drama, Romance
                          Cast      : Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo and John Goodman

               Am i the only person in this world who thinks 'The Artist' doesn't deserve an Oscar award for best picture,when movies like Hugo and The Help is in the nomination list??!!.Shocked??,let me explain.
               'The Artist' tells you the story of George Valentine,a super star of the silent movies era and how his life changes when 'talkies'-the movies with audio dialogues-enters the film industry.Story happens in the 1927-1932 era.
              Jean Dujardin the French actor plays the role of George Valentine.And he did an awesome job.Once you watch this CLIP-which they made as a spoof-you will understand how good he is..!!!.And he got the Oscar for Best Actor.He deserves it for sure.The movie which is in black&white and silent at most of the parts (yes only 99.99% of the movie is silent ) is appreciative.I really loved the dream sequence Jean's character has and how director used different movie tile posters/boards as a subtle reference to whats going on in the plot.And the director got Oscar for Best director .I don't have any objection on that too.But i was in jury i will never give a Best picture award for a movie which has an obvious and less dramatic plot.
            When i finished watching the movie,i was like "That's it..!!!???"..Hugo was much much better.My conclusion is, its worth a watch for the performances of the actors and if you have never seen a silent movie before..

Anybody who watched and liked the movie,can you please tell me why you liked the movie?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kahaani (2012) (Hindi)

               Director : Sujoy Ghosh
               Genre   : Thriller, Drama
              Cast      : Vidya Balan, Parambrata Chatterjee and Kharaj Mukherjee

          Yes..Vidya Balan achieved what many mainstream Bollywood actresses of new generation couldn't.She carried a film to the super hit category fourth time(No One Killed Jessica, Ishqiya, Dirty Picture,Kahaani) all alone.That too without a proper male lead in the movie.She won last year's national award for best actress in 'Dirty picture'(Biopic of famous yesteryear actress Silk Smitha).And once you watch 'Kahaani' (Story-In English) you are sure she is gonna get a FilmFare and National Awards for this year too.
            Vidya plays the role of an NRI woman who comes from London to Kolkata in search of her missing husband.But things were not that easy and that simple.There were incidents which connected her missing husband to national security.Every second gets interesting when the story of this awesome suspense thriller unfolds.The refreshing part about movie is the use of  amazing actors from Bengali film industry.They made it look so natural.Parambrata Chatterjee is the second lead of the movie.And Kharaj Mukherjee who plays the station in-charge cop,did an awesome job.Loved those characters.Sujoy Ghosh and his cinematographer  did awesome work by capturing the beauty of Kolkota city.
                 This is undoubtedly a must watch movie for an Indian.But if you are a Non-Indian who loves Bollywood movies,you might get disappointed because this movie don't have elaborated song and dance sequences.But if you are a Bollywood hater you must watch this.

 Vidya Balan -Her-Story
        How many of you know Vidya Balan's first movie was a Malayalam movie with famous Malayalam actor Mohanlal.But the movie got shelved at half way.Then she acted in a Tamil movie.But she got replaced in between and another actress got her role.Again another Tamil movie which never started it's shooting.Her next movie was a Bengali movie named 'Balo Theko'.It got released in 2003.She stepped into Bollywood with 'Parineetha' in 2005.After a bunch of roles she got a noticed for her role in 'Paa'. Then you know the rest is History..Sorry... Her-story

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) (English)

                             Director: David Fincher
                             Genre   : Thriller, Drama, Mystery
                             Cast     :  Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and Christopher Plummer

           The girl with the dragon tattoo was a Swedish film first.Like they does to every other good foreign language movie, Hollywood remade this one too,in English.But actual plot of these(both Swedish and English) movies are took from the book of same name written by  Stieg Larsson.
        Daniel Craig, one of the best actors of Hollywood-and probably the worst James Bond ever(completely my opinion)-plays the role of a journalist who does research on a woman who is missing for 40 years.He gets a young computer hacker as an assistant to help in his job.Will they solve that 40 years old unsolved mystery?..What do they have to face to solve it ?..
     The heart and sole of the movie is the title role of Lisbeth Salander played by Rooney Mara.And she did an awesome job.I mean the complete makeover plus the complex character is a tough thing to do.Rooney Mara originally did all the body piercings which you will see in the movie to become the character!!!...It's a good watch if you like crime thrillers.

Note : There is sexually explicit scenes and nudity in the movie which is not suitable for the minors.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Grey (2012) (English)

                           Director: Joe Carnahan
                           Genre   : Adventure, Drama, Thriller
                           Cast     : Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo

             After becoming a mysterious 'Dr. Martin Harris' in the movie 'Unknown', Liam Neeson is back with his power pack performance  in the movie 'The Grey'.This is the first movie i watched which is officially released in the year 2012.
           In this Joe Carnahan directed movie,Liam Neeson plays the role of a skilled sniper shooter whose duty is to protect oil workers from wild animals.But that is not the main story,the story starts when a plane carrying him and some others crashes in Alaska.They thought bad weather was the biggest enemy they had to face to survive, but they were wrong.
           This movie is a gripping thriller.And if that alpha male was CG,that was awesome!!!..But if you are disappointed at the end, it is your mistake.Because you didn't watched that scene which was after the credits!!!.But that 4 to 5 second shot after the credits doesn't justify what director did.In my opinion he should have showed what happened clearly.For a Liam Neeson fan like me the climax is a disappointment.But still it's worth a watch.Or you can watch it in DVD where they added those valuable deleted scenes also..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) (English)

                Director  : Steven Spielberg
                Genre     : Drama, Sci-Fi
                Cast       : Richard Dreyfuss, François Truffaut and Teri Garr

           You know what to expect from a Spielberg movie and that is what you will get when you watch this movie..except the draaaaaggggggiiiinnnnggggg climax.Close encounters with the third kind is an English language movie released in 1977 and went on to become a big hit.
           This movie tells the story about many different characters and a close encounter they had with aliens from another world.Now if you are a UFO enthusiastic you might have heard about Hollowman Airforce base incident.Many says this movie is based on that (conspiracy) theory.It actually includes not only that incident but other two famous incidents.Missing of Flight 19 and SS Cotopaxi.So for those who loves mysteries and all those stuff this movie is a good watch.Talking about the movie,the director builds up the plot amazingly.No body can beat Spielberg to build plots so dramatically.Only glitches i felt was one, the super draggy climax with the draggy introduction of the mothership, second, the scenes in India which was super ridiculous..!!!..I lost all the respect to Spielberg after watching those scenes in India and the way he connected the story with that scene.
      Hollywood should stop making movies on stories which happens in other countries.If they don't know the culture of that country they better stay out of it, and continue making their same 'guy movies with fart jokes' or same 'action movies in which a single hero saves the whole world'.
     This movies really worth watch if you are a UFO enthusiast.Except the climax and the ridiculous Indian part i really liked the movie.It had one of the best story introduction.And the kids,there are many child actors in this movie who did their job really good.And the special effects,yes it has special effects showing the old way,using miniatures and mattes.But they are good.And in most of the places realistic.

Mothership Miniature which used in the movie!!!
Mother-ship picture courtesy :  L. RIOFRIO


Above are the three disc editions they released, '30th anniversary ultimate (2 disc) edition', 'the two disc collector's edition' and 'the director's cut'.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Descendants (2011) (English)

                  Director : Alexander Payne
                  Genre    : Drama
                  Cast      : George Clooney, Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller

              Last year George Clooney surprised us with 'Up in the Air' .This year he is back with 'The Descendants' which is his best performance of the year comparing to his directorial venture 'Ides of March'.It was really nice to see world's most handsome man(according to TIME magazine!!) doing a natural looking character with his natural style of acting.This movie won the award for best adapted screenplay in 84th Oscar awards.
           George plays the role of a rich land baron whose wife suffers from serious injury happened because of an accident.And he struggles to get along with his two daughters.But there was a surprise waiting for him.A bad surprise, and he goes to sort things out with the support of his daughters.
             One funny thing i didn't understood yet is why many movie sites including imdb.com and critics put this movie in a black-comedy genre.I will say this is more of a drama genre.(You might smile at many scenes like George doing in above poster.But YOU DON'T LAUGH.)No offence but the only moment i felt like laughing was when i saw Nick Krause's face and his attitude as the character.But this is not a boring sad drama.The background score of the movie helps a lot to keeps you pleasant.Music used in this movie is Hawaiian music.And i loved the songs.As a conclusion i can say is it's not a must watch movie like HUGO, but it's worth a watch.Trust me.


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