Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Real Steel (2011) (English) (MiniReview)


            Director:Shawn Levy
            Genre  : Sci-Fi, Drama, Action
            Cast    : Hugh JackmanEvangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo

        If you are a Hugh Jackman fan,you should watch this movie,if you are a Sci-Fi movie fan,you should watch this and if you are a regular moviegoer, then also you should watch this movie.In short,it's a must watch movie.
       In this Shawn Levy directed movie,story happens in a near future where robot boxing a popular sport.Jackman plays the role of a struggling promoter (and an ex-boxer) who had no other way than depending on an old model robot when he lost everything in his previous fights.
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       The director kept the 'futuristic things' very much practical in 'Real Steel' unlike movies like Tron,i-Robot.(we know 'Tron' was not about future,but was talking about the look of the movie).we don't have funky looking concept vehicles or body hugging suits in this movie.So this is undoubtedly a must watch.
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