Thursday, January 26, 2012

Midnight in Paris (2011) (English) (Mini Review)

                    Director : Woody Allen
                    Genre    : Romance, Fantasy
                    Cast      : Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates

       When you are about to watch a Woody Allen movie,you know what to expect.And what if it is about one of the world's most beautiful city,Paris?..It gets better.If we'll put this movie 'Midnight in Paris' into the romantic-comedy genre,just like many other websites did,we will be disrespecting this movie.This is a pure romantic movie with situation-al comedies.
      Movie is about a young writer(Owen Wilson) who is in love with a certain era of Paris city and also confused about his writing skills.He and his fiancee is in Paris for some business purpose.And one night when he escapes from his routine social life something unthinkable happens which makes him almost mad and highly excited.
     It was good to see Owen Wilson acting in a movie which is not a usual guy-comedy-movie type.And Woody Allen undoubtedly used this guy's talent in a really good way.Movie shows the ultimate beauty of Paris city in many shots.The movie starts with 10-15 minutes shots of Paris city's different faces..And it was seriously boring after first 5 minutes or so..But be patient and continue watching,you won't regret it.And watch out for France's first lady Carla Bruni as a tour guide in a two scene cameo.It was bit surprising.And hey i almost forgot to tell you,this movie won Golden Globe award for best sceenplay.So watch this beautiful movie as soon as possible.

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