Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Internship (2013) (English)

                                                Director     :  Shawn Levy
                                                Genre        :  Comedy and a pinch of Drama.
                                                Cast          :  Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Rose Byrne.

       Even though i like Owen Wilson,i always doubted to watch his movies because they seems a bit slow to me.One of the rare movie which i didn't felt like that was 'Wedding Crashers'.It was a box office success too.So when the same lead pair comes together one more time,the expectations will be high.Let's check if they could fulfill the moviegoers wish.
        Two salesmen who lost their job because digital age is catching upon everybody's life looks for an intership in the biggest tech giant  in the world.Google.How will they cop up with the new young generation and their fast life??..Will they succeed in their journey towards better life?..Will they able to complete the google challenge?.Well, watch the movie to know that.
      I'm sure the story writer might have thought how to put these funny duos back to college life in a more convincing way.Because 'old-people-back-to-college' story has been told many times.And they did succeed by putting these awesome actors in the shoes of two people who are too old for the new technology.It is really a feel good movie and i loved it.It is definitely worth a watch and undoubtedly one of the best movie for both actors.There a briefly detailed scene in a strip club with a lot of nudity and if you watch a censored version you may not understand the flow of the story.I mean the scene is an important part of the story.As support cast Dylan O'Brien,Josh Brener,Tobit Raphael and the gorgeous Tiya Sircar(man i love her!) plays important parts of the story. So what are you waiting for.Go watch the movie now.Buy an unrated copy or a censored one from Amazon.com now for the cheapest prize.


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