Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monsters University (2013) (English)

                                                Director   :  Dan Scanlon.
                                                Genre       : Animation, Adventure, Comedy.
                                                Cast         :  Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi.

         There was a time when people use to watch Pixar movies without any worries.Because they knew the movie was gonna be different than anything they have seen and they knew they can expect the best.But today the situation is changed.Thanks to Disney.People thinks that there is not much difference between a new Pixar animated movie and any other animated movie.Disney's marketing people and some studio heads ruined Pixar movies.They made movies by thinking about the profit they can make out of it.They didn't gave $#!% about creativity.Do you know 'Cars 2' was made only to make money from merchandise like toys and other stuff??..Do you know 'Brave' was the first 'princess-movie' Pixar ever made.You know why?.Because it's more of disney and less of Pixar now.And both the above movies sunk deep in box office.Now let's talk about 'Monsters University'.It is a prequel to Pixar's superhit movie 'Monsters, Inc.'. Obviously expectations were huge.And did it delivered?.Let us check.

      'Monsters University' talks about the story Mike and Sullivan when they were not really best friends and when they first met in the university of monsters.Well, that's about it.To know what is the twists and turns in the story,you should really watch the movie .
     My expectations were really high because i know after burning their hands on Cars 2, i knew Pixar will take their next step very carefully.This movie is a fun filled adventure ride.And it is something you should never miss if you have watched the Monsters Inc.This is really a must watch movie if you are a good old Pixar fan.This will full fill your every needs from a Pixar movie.This is the best Pixar animated movie after Toy Story 3 came out.So what are you waiting for?. Go watch the movie today.No matter what your age is,you will love this movie.

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