Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Forgotten (2004) (English)

                                        Director    : Joseph Ruben.
                                        Genre       : Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi.
                                        Cast         : Julianne Moore, Dominic West and Christopher Kovaleski.

         'The Forgotten' is a 2004 American thriller film, directed by Joseph Ruben.This movie has one of my favorite actress Juilanne Moore.To be frank that was the primary reason i watched the trailer of the movie and i must tell you the trailer is actually well made and it makes you watch the movie.So let's talk about this mysterious plot of 'The Forgotten'.
         This movie revolves around a mother who thinks that she lost her son in a plane crash some months ago, only to wake up one morning and be told that she never had a son and it was all her imaginations.But she strongly believes that she is right and she had a son.Then she meets another person who has the same issue.Soon they find out a shocking and spine chilling secret. That's all i can reveal now folks.You should watch the movie to know about it.
        Julianne Moore did an excellent job as the sad but confused mom.And this movie is special for me because of the plot and secret they find out.I love movies like this.This may not be entertaining for every one but it is definitely  worth a watch.I'd recommend this movie undoubtedly to those who love watching mysterious Sci-Fi movies.


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