Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bacheha-Ye aseman (1997) (Iranian)

  Director   : Majid Majidi
  Genre      :  Family, Drama, Adventure
  Cast        : Amir Farrokh Hashemian,Bahare Seddiqi & Mohammad Amir Naji

           'Bacheha-Ye aseman' or 'Children of Heaven' (in English) is an Iranian movie released in 1997.This was the first Iranian film to receive nomination for an academy award(In best foreign language movie category).
           Children of heaven is the story of a brother and sister named Ali and Zahra who lives in Tehran.The movie starts when Ali is coming back from a shoemaker after repairing his sister's pair of pink shoes.But when he was purchasing some vegetables,the unexpected thing happens.How this incident change their life? How will his sister react to this?.If you want to know more,watch this movie today itself.
           Many scenes of the movie was shot secretly to keep the realism in the scenes.The kids who played the roles of Ali(Amir Farrokh Hashemian) and Zahra(Bahare Seddiqi) were so expressive and i really loved their acting.I could really feel how i will react if i was at that situation.This movie is a must watch movie for every movie buff.And this is one of the most naturally shot movies i have seen.I strongly recommend this movie to all.


samkc said...

hii..thanks for the review...surely will watch this...if u liked it,i would suggest another iranian movie....the white ballon...

Sonu said...

@Sam : Thank you for the recommendation.I will try to watch it soon. :)
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