Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Arthur (2011) (English)

          Director   : Jason Winer
          Genre      : Comedy, Romance
          Cast        :  Russell Brand, Helen Mirren,Jennifer Garner &Greta Gerwig

         'Arthur' is a 2011 remake of a 1981 film of same title.In simple words you can say 'Arthur' is a grown up version of 'Richie Rich'.For the 1981 movie,there was a sequel too.But they didn't made one for this version yet.
        'Arthur' says the story of a rich immature playboy drunkard who stands to lose all his wealth when he fall in love with a woman his mother doesn't like.Will he able to marry her?Or will he choose the wealth instead?
        Russel Brand plays the title character in this movie and some of his dialogues are damn hilarious.Helen Mirren plays the role of his nanny in this movie.I loved this movie because of two reasons.One, it kind of fulfills every grown up man's fantasies when he was a kid.Two, i really loved the affection between arthur and his nanny character.She is like his own mother in the movie.I will recommend this movie as a must watch if you haven't seen the 1981 version.Now, there might be people who loved the old movie and they might say this is nothing comparable to the old one.But i haven't seen it.So i felt this one as the best one.So this is a must watch.You will love arthur.

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