Saturday, August 11, 2012

Battleship (2012) (English)

      Director : Peter Berg
      Genre    : Action, Sci-Fi
      Cast      :  Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, Brooklyn Decker and Rihanna 

      Battleship(2012) was made based on a Milton Bradley game "Battleship" that has been manufactured since 1931.It is directed by Peter Berg who is well known for 'Hancock' movie.
      I seriously have no idea what were they thinking while making this movie.This movie is a waste of money,waste of time,waste of awesome quality Visual effects,waste of one good plot line and obviously they have wasted Liam Neeson's acting talent too.Story is like any other alien related movies.They attack and we defend.But what makes this movie a failure is the lack of a proper script.Even though Liam Neeson's name is there in the movie credits(and you might have seen him in trailers),his screen time is hardly 15 minutes.They have used his star value in trailers to attract more viewers.
     Visual effects in this movie is ultimate.I think Transformers movie brought in  a revolution in Vfx concepts of hollywood.Director have used real life retired military persons for some key parts of the movie.Once you watch the movie,you will be thinking what the heck was director actually doing when the crew shot for the movie and the editor edited it.!!!.My advice,avoid this movie if you want to watch a good movie.You can watch this only if you want to see a Vfx show reel of some Vfx studio.

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