Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anbe Sivam (2003) (Tamil)

                                   Director : Sundar C
                                   Genre    : Drama, Adventure, Comedy
                                   Cast      : Kamal Hassan,R Madhavan and Kiran Rathod

            Kamal Hassan is one rare actor who still act in only selected and story oriented movies.And his super stardom has never overshadowed his movies.' Anbe Sivam'(English: 'Love is God') is a Tamil movie released in 2003 and was written by none other than Kamal Hassan.Even after being a big fan of this actor(remember,i told actor..not star) i didn't watched many of his notable movies.I watched this because someone recommended me to watch this movie when i was discussing 'ancient aliens' conspiracy theory with him.

           Movie starts when Mr.A.Aras(Madhavan) who is young, arrogant and thinks he knows everything about the world,meets Mr.N.Sivam(Kamal Hassan),a wise-cracking handicapped communist at Bhuvaneshwar airport when all flights are cancelled because of bad weather.They both stuck with each other and had to travel to Chennai through road&rail.Whole story of the movie is about their adventurous journey and about the concept 'god'.

        It is not a serious movie,Kamal make you laugh at moments.And what many don't know is, the film is based on Kamal Hassan's personal views on Theism.The movie has a beautiful concept about god.I really loved it.And the main protagonists Kamal hassan and Madhavan acts really well.Watch out for an amazingly shot bus accident scene and an interesting character of a thief in a train.This movie is said to be inspired from John Hughes' 1987 American film 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles'I will say it's a must watch movie for all movie goers,and others who wanna know about god.

        If you don't understand Tamil language,watch it with English subtitle.It's available for download.Or buy a DVD(with subtitles) which is very hard to get because it's a regional movie.If you cant find the torrent,put a request in comment box,i will mail the link to you.

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