Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Machine Gun Preacher (2011) (English)

                             Director : Marc Forster
                             Genre    : Action, Drama, Biography
                             Cast      : Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan and Michael Shannon

             When i started watching this movie i was sure i wont right a review about this.But this movie surprised me.My movie watching was interrupted by a friend's visit and i had postpone the show.In between when i got time,like i always does i did a small search about the movie and found out that shocking thing.The dramatic-filmy events shown in the movie happened in someone's real life.And he is still alive and living his unbeatable life as a legend...!!!..And if i don't write a review of this film,it will be a disrespect to him.
          'Machine gun preacher' is about Sam Childers who was a biker-drug dealer who found god(meaning started using his life for good) and became a guardian angel for hundreds of Sudanese children who were forced to become soldiers and fight a war which was not theirs..
         Sam Childers is a real person who still lives in Sudanese villages and saves and feeds a lot of Sudanese children without expecting and without getting anything from them.Gerald Butler made this role awesome by his really matured acting.There is real Sam Childers who comes at the end credits of the movie and they shows real photographs and video clips of the real Sam.And the cool name Machine gun preacher is the nick name of real Sam childers.Thats what Sudanese people call him..!!
A MUST WATCH MOVIE undoubtedly to know there are people in this world who devoted their lives for causes like this.

Note : There are bad words in the first half and a lot of violence and bloody scenes later.So this movie is not be suitable for minors.


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