Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Windstruck (2004) (Korean)

                         Director: Jae-young Kwak
                         Genre   : Romance, Drama, Crime
                         Cast     :  Gianna Jun, Hyuk Jang and Su-ro Kim

                If you've seen the Korean movie 'My sassy girl' you don't need a review to watch 'Windstruck'.Our own Gianna Jun,the girl who became superstar through My sassy girl is the leading girl of this movie too.And Windstruck's director is the same guy who directed sassy girl.
                Gianna jun plays the role of a cop who falls in love with a teacher(played by Hyuk Jang).But a dramatic event turns her life upside down.Will she ever recover from that?..Watch the movie.
              This movie was a huge success because of Gianna Jun's acting and the small connection this movie has with director's previous movie 'My sassy girl'.Now some facts,'My sassy girl' fans from all over the world would love to mention this movie as a prequel to sassy girl.But don't watch this first if you didn't watched 'My sassy girl' yet.Otherwise you will miss the fun of the climax.Even though director told many times there is no connection between both movies,the climax of this movie will remind you a lot about 'My sassy girl'.So it's a must watch if you have watched 'My sassy girl'.If you didn't watched that yet,go watch it first then watch this.


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