Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Descendants (2011) (English)

                  Director : Alexander Payne
                  Genre    : Drama
                  Cast      : George Clooney, Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller

              Last year George Clooney surprised us with 'Up in the Air' .This year he is back with 'The Descendants' which is his best performance of the year comparing to his directorial venture 'Ides of March'.It was really nice to see world's most handsome man(according to TIME magazine!!) doing a natural looking character with his natural style of acting.This movie won the award for best adapted screenplay in 84th Oscar awards.
           George plays the role of a rich land baron whose wife suffers from serious injury happened because of an accident.And he struggles to get along with his two daughters.But there was a surprise waiting for him.A bad surprise, and he goes to sort things out with the support of his daughters.
             One funny thing i didn't understood yet is why many movie sites including imdb.com and critics put this movie in a black-comedy genre.I will say this is more of a drama genre.(You might smile at many scenes like George doing in above poster.But YOU DON'T LAUGH.)No offence but the only moment i felt like laughing was when i saw Nick Krause's face and his attitude as the character.But this is not a boring sad drama.The background score of the movie helps a lot to keeps you pleasant.Music used in this movie is Hawaiian music.And i loved the songs.As a conclusion i can say is it's not a must watch movie like HUGO, but it's worth a watch.Trust me.

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