Friday, March 16, 2012

The Artist (2011) (........)

                          Director : Michel Hazanavicius
                          Genre    : Drama, Romance
                          Cast      : Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo and John Goodman

               Am i the only person in this world who thinks 'The Artist' doesn't deserve an Oscar award for best picture,when movies like Hugo and The Help is in the nomination list??!!.Shocked??,let me explain.
               'The Artist' tells you the story of George Valentine,a super star of the silent movies era and how his life changes when 'talkies'-the movies with audio dialogues-enters the film industry.Story happens in the 1927-1932 era.
              Jean Dujardin the French actor plays the role of George Valentine.And he did an awesome job.Once you watch this CLIP-which they made as a spoof-you will understand how good he is..!!!.And he got the Oscar for Best Actor.He deserves it for sure.The movie which is in black&white and silent at most of the parts (yes only 99.99% of the movie is silent ) is appreciative.I really loved the dream sequence Jean's character has and how director used different movie tile posters/boards as a subtle reference to whats going on in the plot.And the director got Oscar for Best director .I don't have any objection on that too.But i was in jury i will never give a Best picture award for a movie which has an obvious and less dramatic plot.
            When i finished watching the movie,i was like "That's it..!!!???"..Hugo was much much better.My conclusion is, its worth a watch for the performances of the actors and if you have never seen a silent movie before..

Anybody who watched and liked the movie,can you please tell me why you liked the movie?


kavita said...

Have not watched it but it sure is in my wish list.

samkc said...

haven't watched yet,anyways thanks for the review...will let you know after watching the movie...

MMR said...

Thanks frnds..Thank you for the visit n comment..


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