Monday, May 21, 2012

27 Dresses (2008) (English)

                                      Director   : Anne Fletcher
                                      Genre      : Romance, Comedy
                                     Cast        : Katherine Heigl, James Marsden and Malin Akerman

              '27 Dresses' is a 2008 romantic comedy directed by Anne Fletcher.I don't know why(may be because i like Katherine Heigl),i really love this movie.
           It says the story of Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) who served as bridesmaid 27 times and next is her  younger sister's wedding.But her sister is getting married to a man Jane is secretly in love with.You might think i have told you the whole story of it,well it is not exactly like that.Once you watch the movie,you will understand it.
          Katherine Heigl as a 'young-women-in-a-confused-and-worried-state' acted her role beautifully.Its a simple movie and if you like to watch romantic comedies,it's a must watch.I always like to watch this.


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