Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hugo (2011) (English)

                 Director : Martin Scorsese
                 Genre    : Adventure, Drama, Family
                 Cast      : Asa Butterfield, Chloe Grace Mortez,Christopher Lee,
                               Ben Kingsley,Emily Mortimer,Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat fame) and
                               Jude Law.

             I had no expectations about this movie when i started watching it.I just wanted to watch it because it was an Oscar nominated(10 nominations!!!) movie.And i had no idea about the awesome star cast.And i didn't knew this movie was produced by none other than Johny Depp the Captain Jack Sparrow..!!!.
         Hugo also known as The Invention of Hugo Cabret in some countries is the story of a boy named Hugo who tries to fix a machine to find out what message his father left for him.This movie unwraps the wonderful world of machines and history of movie making.It's based on a book called The Invention of Hugo Cabret Written by  Brian Selznick and it follows the history of motion pictures,that is cinema's quite closely. If you ever read a book about Industrial Light & Magic you will know what you are seeing.
          This is one of the best movie came out in 2011.It is still not yet released in some countries.Wait for the release and watch it in 3D.James Cameron the director of  the 3D wonder Avatar told this movie (Hugo) did the best use of 3D technology.So try to watch it in 3D if possible..And it's a must watch movie we strongly recommend. 

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