Monday, March 11, 2013

Silver Linings Of Playbook (2012) (English)

                    Director  : David O. Russell
                   Genre  : Drama,Romance
                   Cast   : Bradley Cooper,Jennifer Lawrence&Robert DeNiro

  I was really not sure if i should write a review of this movie,but then the adorable Jennifer Lawrence got Oscar award for best actress for this movie.Even though some people says she got it only because there was no strong competitors this time,i think she deserves it.May be it will give a boost to her career.Anyway now this is going to be a really really small review,but then again that's why my blog's name is 'MiniMoviReviews'.*wink* *wink*..
      Silver Linings of Playbook says the story of  Pat Solitano who is just got released from a mental institution.He struggles and faces difficulties when trying to get back to his normal life, while moving back to his parents' home.Then he meets Tiffany a mysterious girl from neighborhood who tries to help him.Will she be able to really help him?..And why is she helping him??..Watch the movie to know more..
   Bradley Cooper plays the male lead in the movie and Jennifer Lawrence is Tiffany.Movie's screenplay was adapted from a book of the same name wrote by Matthew Quick.To be frank after the first 15-25 minutes the movie becomes shamelessly slow and miraculously the last 55 minutes gets really interesting and becomes the best part of the movie.Robert De Niro plays the part of Pat's father perfectly.In one sentence, it's the story of a crazy guy, who has a crazy family meets the craziest girl in town.If you really want to watch all Oscar movies,it's worth a watch. Atleast watch the last 55 minutes.Below is a video of Jennifer lawrence press meet after the Oscars which might inspire you.

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