Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ParaNorman (2012) (English)

            Directors : Chris Butler, Sam Fell
            Genre     : Adventure, Comedy, Animation
            Cast       : Kodi Smit-McPhee,Tucker Albrizzi, and Anna Kendrick.

     Let me tell you one thing before i review the movie.If 'ParaNorman' Is not winning this year's Oscar for 'best animated feature film',you can assure that the Oscar Awards are fixed or rigged(or whatever word you would like to use).'ParaNorman' is a 2012 released animation feature film with almost every part shot in stop-motion animation (Google it if you don't know what it is,just don't ignore the meaning),with some Computer Graphics added.
    The story of the movie is about a boy named Norman who has a 'freaky' power.He can talk to dead people,means he can see ghosts and he can talk to them.But with this great power comes a great responsibility.He has to stop something which will affect the entire town.I know you might have thought it's a Zombie invasion,but it's not.And i'm not gonna spoil your movie watching fun by telling what it is.Watch the movie to find out what happens.
    This movie is unbelievably awesome.It's animation,visual effects and lighting are so perfect that you will never feel that you are watching a stop-motion movie.It's like watching a 3D animated movie.Voice cast is really brilliant and they did an awesome job.Apart from the above mentioned names,the cast includes  Christopher Mintz-Plasse,Leslie Mann and Jeff Garlin.
   It's a must watch movie for any movie lover,but before you decide it's a 'kiddy cartoon movie',i would like to tell you that Parental guidance is recommended for kids to watch this movie.I really won't recommend this to kids are too young.Any adults and teenagers and kids a little younger than teenage can watch this movie.Though i would recommend explaining the word 'Zombie' to your kid before he or she watch this.And make sure the kid understands zombies are fictional characters.

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