Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Julie & Julia (2009) (English)

Director : Nora Ephron
Genre    : Drama,Romance and cooking(i just decided it can be a Genre).
Cast     : Amy Adams, Meryl Streep,Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina.

      I was not writing so many reviews lately because even though i was watching movies,none of them interested me to write a review about it.Then i decided to search for movies which has themes which interests me.Cooking is one of them.That's how i stumbled upon 2 movies.I'm going to review one of them today.And this time i decided to go with two posters because i loved these cheerfully positive looking colorful posters so much.
         First let me tell you this,it's NOT A CHICK-FLICK.This movie is based on two real life persons,yes they actually existed.It's the story of Julie Powell who gets inspired by-one of the best cook ever lived-Julia Child, takes a decision which changes her life forever.And ladies,if you are going through a dull part of your life, this is the movie you should watch.It's a must watch movie for you.Actually,not for any specific person,it's for everyone.
     I haven't seen any movie in which Meryl Streep acted before.Now i know why she got nominated so many times for academy awards.Because she is the best.She adapted the whole body language and accent of the real life Julia Child and she has played the character so convincingly!!.Amy Adams plays the role of Julie Powell,and she is good at it.While talking about actors and their roles,you should not avoid the perfect casting in the movie.I mean who else can you possibly think to play the Meryl Streep's character's sister-role other than Jane Lynch?.Even Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina did awesome works.So people,it's a must watch movie.It's not a boring autobiographical drama like many other movies of same genre out there.

Note: I think it's high time for IMDB to think of creating of a genre called 'Cooking' or 'Food'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that awesome posting. Useful, and it saved MUCH time! :-)

Sonu said...

Always welcome :)


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