Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pretty Woman (1990)(English)

                  Director           :  Garry Marshall
                  Genre              :  Romance, Drama
                  Cast                :  Richard Gere, Julia Roberts,Hector Elizondo

              If you have been watching a lot of  English romantic movies,you might have seen this movie.If not,you are ignoring one of the most beautiful romantic movie ever made.Its a 'movie you should watch before you die' kind of movie.
             Story goes like this,Edward Lewis(Richard Gere ) a rich man who does some legal but hurtful business.He meets a beautiful prostitute named Vivian Ward(Julia Roberts) and hires her as his escort for some social events.What happens later? and How?..Watch this beautiful romantic drama as soon as possible.
            This movie was Julia Roberts' first step to super-stardom.Since then media and fans affectionately  calls her as 'Pretty Woman'.No doubt, by all means she deserves that title.She is so adorable and gave a beautiful performance in this movie.After this movie she never had to look back.Its one of the must watch movies ever made.Never ever ever ever miss this one.Trust me you will love this movie if you didn't watched it yet..


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